Alarm Siren with Built-in PIR Detection

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Name: Alarm Siren with Built-in PIR Detection

Model: HT-8080-12B

Infrared detector; Locale Alarm
Built-in strobe siren and PIR sensor
Supports turn on/off strobe siren for hidden effect
Network with alarm panel in wired mode
Arm/Disarm/Emergency by remote control
Automatic temperature compensation
High sensitivity; Long detecting distance
Adopts SMT, high anti-jamming
Supports one zone
Sensitivity Level: H, M and L optional
Anti-jamming Mode: 1(Weak)/2(Strong) optional
High decibel siren; Strong deterrence to criminals
High capacity rechargeable battery (optional)

Power: AC:220/110vV15%
Battery Capacity:9.6/600mA (optional)
Detecting Distance:10~14m
Detecting Angle:120
Alarm Duration:5 minutes
Telecontrol Distance:100m(In open area)
Alarm Volume:90dB<
Working Environment: relative temperature: -20c~50c; relative humidity:80%

Package: white box

Standard Kit:1xlocale alarm;2xremote controls