Multi-beam Infrared Fence with Aluminium Alloy Body

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Name: Multi-beam Infrared Fence with Aluminium Alloy Body

Model: HT-M

Alarm sensor is available for various alarm panels
Indoor and outdoor installation; Sun exposure allowed; No body deformation
American-originated chipsets; CPU microcomputer process
Auto digital intelligent modulation
AGC circuit design; Highly detecting sensitivity
3 power levels for your optional when installation according to mounting distance Double-beam principle, low rate of false alarm
Anti-tamper; Anti-cutting; Anti-removal function
Wired and Wireless type for your optional
Standard output interface for various alarm panel (Wired type)
Learn code for matching code with alarm panel (Wireless type)
180ˇărotary; Fast focus; Easy installation
Be suitable for door, window, parking lot, balcony, villa yard and other places for perimeter security

Beam QTY: 2-beam; 4-beam; 6-beam; 8-beam optional
Beam Space: 20-25cm
Different Defense Distance: 10-170m optional
Power Supply:DC 12V
Alarm Output:N/C (Wired type)
Frequency: 315/433MHz (Wireless type)
Lenght: 2-beam (37cm); 4-beam(71cm); 6-beam (123cm); 8-beam (169cm)

Package:English Grey Box