Mini Beam Sensor

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Name: Mini Beam Sensor

Model: ABO20

Single Beam Infrared Sensor
Anti-glare up to 50, 000 LUX to avoid the impact of glare or car lights
Sealed design to anti-rain (fog), dust (worms) and other tough weather
Detector sensitivity will increase automatically(AGC circuit design)
high anti-RFI/EMI capability
High-power transmitter, sensitivity surplus degree up to 90%
High-power infrared receiver tube, low-power process technology
beam interdiction period adjustable for flexible use
Professional anti-jamming optical housing

Indoor Defense Distance:10m
Outdoor Defense Distance:20m
Beam QTY:1-beam
Induction Speed:30ms
Alarm Output:NC/NO
Contact Capacity: DC30V/0.5mA
Working Voltage:DC13.8-24V/AC 11-18V
Working Current:TX(15mA)/RX(30mA)
Tamper Output:NC
Contact Capacity:24V/0.5mA
Adjust angle Horizontal:180(90)Vertical:10
Working Temp.:70~ -20
Working Humidity:5%95% (RH)
Case Material:Germany PC

Package:English Box