Standalone CO Sensor with LCD Display

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Name: Standalone CO Sensor with LCD Display

Model: HT-CMD01

Permanent carbon monoxide sensor
Standalone Type with Built-in Buzzer
LCD display with a blue background light
Green and Red LED indicators which indicate normal operation and alarm status
Loud 85 decibel alarm
Alarm Status:85dB at 1m/frequency:3KHz/red LED flashing quickly
Static Indicator:Green LED flashes every 30 seconds
Low-power Indicator: Di sound available every 30 seconds/Lb on LCD
Fault Indicator: Err on the LCD for indication
Test Button:sound alarm when pressing it many times
Power saving function available

Power Supply: 3xAA battery (4.5V)
Alarm Density:50ppm(60-90 minutes)/100ppm(10-40 minutes)/300ppm(3 minutes)
Static Current: <80uA, 200uA(LED On)
Alarm Current:<75mA
Working Temp.:4-38
Working Humidity:25%-85%

Package:white box